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Big Budget
We all know that crop circles are best viewed from the air, so are adverts!
When we were asked by budgetholidays.com to create a large scale advert that could be seen from planes landing at Gatwick airport we didn't realise that we might be heading for the record books.
Above: The budgetholidays.com logo viewed from the air!

Measuring 441ft x 256ft and covering over 100,000 sq ft the advert for budgetholidays.com (a new online venture by TUI UK which also owns Thomson Holidays and Lunn Poly) is believed to be the worlds largest outdoor advert and has attracted the attention of the Guinness Book of World Records. It dwarfs the advertising hoarding on the side of the Fort Dunlop building beside the M6 in Birmingham, which at 400ft x 70ft was named by Guinness as the largest advertising billboard in the world in 2001. (see diagram above)
Making budget

It took us 2 days to survey and spray-paint the advert. Another record was broken whilst we created the formation, we (unfortunately) were working on the hottest day in UK history, with the temprature soaring to over 38 degrees, phew!
So remember to look down if you happen to be flying to or from Gatwick airport in the near future!
Photos: John Lundberg
Exhibit AHTV Formation