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Hello Kitty is a cute kitsch Japanese cartoon cat that can be found on everything from coffee makers, toasters and TV's to jewelry and clothing. She even has her own theme park "Harmonyland" in Japan!
Hello Kitty
To celebrate Hello Kitty's 30th anniversary Sanrio the company behind the cat asked artists and designers from all over the world to create artworks to celebrate her birthday. They will be shown at an exhibition called "Kitty Ex" to be held in Japan later this year (2004). We were asked to create a 200ft cereal portrait of her in a wheat field at Yatesbury in Wiltshire.
The exhibitors are certainly an eclectic mix, including the likes of Malcolm Mclaren, Sean Lennon, Lisa Marie, the Tomato design agency and US guerilla artist Shepard Fairey.
Hello Kitty artwork
Above: The original Hello Kitty crop circle artwork.
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty
Above: two of the numerous construction diagrams we needed to create the Hello Kitty crop circle.
Kitty Fans
Above: Some well know Hello Kitty fans, from left to right Mariah Carey holding a Hello Kitty plush during a performance, Macy Gray wearing a Hello Kitty t-shirt and Cameron Diaz wearing a pearl and amber Hello Kitty pendant.
Images: Sanrio, Derrik Santini, Circlemakers.
Exhibit AKitty