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Mysterious Markings?
We've always joked about going "on tour", but when the US micro processor manufacturer AMD rang up and said "would you like to spend 10 days touring across the UK and US making crop circles" it was no longer a joke but a rather surreal reality. And that's exactly what we've just done.
We created 5 formations in total, two in the UK in Wiltshire and Sussex and three more across the US in Florida, California and Illinois. The formations all appeared between September 10th and 20th. It was all part of a mysterious marketing campaign centered on the website area-64.com to launch AMD's next generation 64 bit micro processor. The first four formations contained coded messages in morse code, braille, 12480-1, and ancient Greek, that all spelt out the letters AMD. The fifth and final formation replaced the coded message with the AMD 64 product logo. The formations were 300ft wide and 200ft tall. As we were creating the formations in late September our usual canvas of wheat and barley had been harvested so we created the AMD formations by raking sand on a tidal beach and using non toxic, bio degradable pigment on grass.
Corona, California
Above: Formation at Corona, California.
Crystal Lake
Above: Formation at Crystal Lake, Illinois.
Sussex formation
Above: Formation at Sheffield Green, Sussex.
Florida sand
Above/Below: Formation in sand at Jacksonville, Florida.
Sand formation
Below: Formation at Shewton, Wiltshire.
mysterioius marking
mysterious circles
Photos courtesy of: AMD and Zillah Bowes.
Exhibit AHTV Formation