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ADDED 17-OCT-2001:
You might have noticed the new links on the top left of every page, that's right, you can now support what we do by consuming circlemakers wares! Take a look, flex your credit card and let us know what you think: consume.circlemakers.org
TravisNEWS UPDATE 10-OCT-2001:
Check out the current music video "Side" from Travis. It's peppered with UFO footage and crop circle iconography. Including photos of crop circle formations on the walls and a sand circle scribed by a motorcyclist in the desert. The reconstructed UFO footage is breathtaking, drawing on "real" UFO cases such as the Ed Walters Gulf Breeze sightings in Florida. You can view the video and a short making of documentary at the bands official website: travisonline.com. When recently asked what he thought about crop circles, band member Dougie Payne said: "It's great art that nobody's claiming responsibility for - that's got to be a good thing."
There's a round-up of this years crop circle's in the current issue of Fortean Times magazine (FT 152 - November 2001).
ADDED 08-OCT-2001:
We've added "Leaders in the Field" which is an interview between Mark Pilkington from Fortean Times magazine and circlemakers John Lundberg, Rod Dickinson, Wil Russell and Rob Irving.
Sand CirclesNEWS UPDATE 29-SEP-2001:
We might have been the first circlemkers in New Zealand back in 1998 when NBC flew us out to film us creating a crop circle, but Glen Tregurtha from Christchurch seems to be following in our footsteps. Only one problem though... what do you do if you're a budding circlemaker but don't have any fields nearby? Simple, head for the beach! Glen - or was it aliens? - has create a series of sand circles (pictured right) on his local beach, the designs are both inspired by and derived from recent crop circle designs such as last years spectacular Moire formation that appeared at Windmill Hill in Wiltshire. Check out Glen's site for more photos. The change in tone is created by removing the top layer of dry sand to reveal the darker damp sand beneath, it reminiscent of the technique used to create the Nazca Lines in Peru.
ADDED 24-SEP-2001:
With the arrival of the spectacular formation at Milk Hill this year, we've decided to change the image on our homepage over from the 1996 Windmill Hill formation to what has been described as the "mother of all crop circles".
The second part of icsurreyonline.com's article about the crop circle phenomenon entitled "Do you believe in crop circles?" has been published and features Carol Cochrane and Peter - never heard of him - Doye from the Center for Crop Circle Studies (CCCS). We've also dug up a couple of recent articles about crop circles in Canada: "Mysterious circles crop up again in B.C. field" in The Ottawa Citizen and "Crop circles appear in B.C. field for second time in three years" in The National Post. Completing the media round up, crop circle fanatic Michael Glickman appeared on the Jeff Rense radio show in the US on September 12, you can here the archived show here.
ADDED 17-SEP-2001:
We've added a page about the recent feature length "Electric Vendetta" episode of the UK ITV series Midsomer Murders that revolved around the crop circle phenomenon.
ADDED 11-SEP-2001:
We've updated our "Top of the Crops" page.
Because of our interest in Disney's upcoming movie "Signs" which revolves around the crop circle phenomenon and the amount of visitors the page we had on this site dedicated to the movie was generating, we decided to put together a stand alone site dedicated to the movie. You can find the Unofficial "Signs" Movie Site at:
Tune in to hear veteran researcher Colin Andrews make a "special appearance" on the Art Bell radio show tonight.
Local news site icsurreyonline.com have penned an article about the crop circle phenomenon which features comments from circlemakers John Lundberg.
ADDED 08-SEP-2001:
We've updated our "Signs Movie" page dedicated to the upcoming Disney crop circle movie with info about who's doing the SFX's and musical score.
ADDED 04-SEP-2001:
We've updated our page dedicated to the upcoming Disney crop circle movie "Signs" with info about Mark Ruffalo's replacement.
ADDED 08-SEP-2001:
We've updated our page dedicated to the upcoming Disney crop circle movie "Signs".

On his Friday night radio show (31st August) Art Bell revealed "exclusively" that, wait for it, Disney are making a movie about crop circles called Signs starring Mel Gibson, really Art, I suggest you visit our site more often as we broke that story three months ago, way back in May!
ADDED 31-AUG-2001:
We've updated our 'Top of the Crops 2001' page with info about crop circle sites buckling under the pressure of excessive traffic due to the massive public interest generated by the recent batch of crop circles here in the UK.
ADDED 30-AUG-2001:
We've updated our 'Top of the Crops 2001' page with info about recent coverage of the "Arecibo Reply" and Milk Hill formations and news of the recent discovery of 2500 year old crop circles in China! We've updated our page about the upcoming Disney crop circle movie "Signs" with information about Mark Ruffalo's withdrawal from the project.
ADDED 27-AUG-2001:
We've updated our 'Top of the Crops 2001' page with a few observations about the "Arecibo Reply" formation.
Arecibo ReplyADDED 24-AUG-2001:
We've updated our 'Top of the Crops 2001' page with info about the Art Bell US radio show coverage of the "Arecibo Reply" formation at the Chibolton radio telescope in Hampshire.
Online broadcaster now.com have penned an article about the crop circle phenomenon which includes comments from circlemaker John Lundberg.
Arecibo ReplyADDED 23-AUG-2001:
We've updated our 'Top of the Crops 2001' page with info about the "Arecibo Reply" formation (pictured right) at the Chibolton radio telescope in Hampshire.
ADDED 21-AUG-2001:
We've updated our 'Top of the Crops 2001' page with a statement about the authorship of the Milk Hill formation.
Milk Hill finaleADDED 20-AUG-2001:
We've updated our 'Top of the Crops 2001' page with more quotes about and media coverage of the jaw dropping Milk Hill formation (pictured right).
ADDED 17-AUG-2001:
With the harvest underway this years "finale" formation has arrived on top of Milk Hill in Wiltshire (pictured right), it's truly awe inspiring, the scale and complexity of the formation is unprecedented, check out the 'Top of the Crops 2001' section for more information.
Photo: Milk Hill finale courtesy Steve Alexander.
HTV diagramADDED 29-JUL-2001:
We've added 'HTV Formation' a page about the formation that broadcater HTV West commissioned us to create for their forthcoming 30 minute television documentary about the crop circle phenomenon (see diagram right). The complex 240ft formation took approximately 4 hours to construct and is located in the Beckhampton area, in the shadow of Silbury Hill. It's in the field next to the "Five Leaf Clover" formation that was discovered on the 24th July. We've also updated our 'Top of the Crops 2001' section with seven recent formations.
ADDED 21-JUN-2001:
"X Marks the Spot" is an article about a recent televison advertising campaign here in the UK by the Halifax Bank that - if you look closely - features a crop circle.
After sending a brown envelope stuffed with cash to the Sunday Times they were kind enough to write a glowing review of the circlemakers website in last Sunday's edition. You can view the article on the Sunday Times website.
Circlemakers John Lundberg and Rod Dickinson were also featured on UK televison last night on Channel 5's "The A to Z of the Paranormal".
ADDED 19-JUN-2001:
We've updated our 'Top of the Crops 2001' section with reports of two new formations.
ADDED 10-JUN-2001:
We've updated our 'Top of the Crops 2001' section with reports of three new formations including a jaw dropper at Berwick Bassett in Wiltshire bringing the total number of UK formations up to eleven. We've also added a running tally of the total number of crop circles to have appeared around the world in 2001.
ADDED 06-JUN-2001:
We've updated our 'Top of the Crops 2001' section with reports of four new formations, three here in the UK and one in Germany. We've also updated our 'Signs Movie' page about the upcoming Hollywood movie about crop circles.
ADDED 02-JUN-2001:
We've updated our 'Top of the Crops 2001' section with a photo and report about a formation that was discovered in Yugoslavia on May 30th.
ADDED 30-MAY-2001:
We've updated our 'Top of the Crops 2001' section with info about four new formation in Wiltshire, Hertfordshire and Germany. We've also added a 'Current Moon Phase' page so you can work out when's the best time to venture into the fields. We've also added some info about the weather, so you can plan your trips into crop circle territory without fear of being rained on, check out "Weather or not?".
ADDED 25-MAY-2001:
We've updated our 'Top of the Crops 2001' section with info about a new formation in Wiltshire and the lifting of restrictions on public rights of way.
ADDED 24-MAY-2001:
We've added an interesting article from veteran crop circle researcher Paul Fuller about a crop circle report from 1880 by amateur scientist John Rand Capron that was recently republished in the scientific journal Nature. Read all about it in "Rand in Circles".
ADDED 22-MAY-2001:
Exciting news! Hollywood has finally smelt the coffee and crop circle will be making it to the big screen in 2002. M Night Shyamalan - who wrote and directed "The Sixth Sense" and "Unbreakable" - will start filming "Signs" a movie all about crop circles later this year. Find out all about it in "Signs Movie".
England's second crop circle formation has appeared in rape at Herne in Dorset. More info on our "Top of the Crops 2001" page.
Due to our ISP changing it's server configuration and not bothering to inform us that they had done so we've just realised that anyone who has subscribed to our mailing list since 28th March 2001 will not have been added. We've now implemented a new mailing list system which all previous subscribers will be added to, so if you did subscribe after 28th March please go to the mail list page now and apply again.
ADDED 16-MAY-2001:
The first UK crop circle formation has appeared in oil seed rape at Old Winchester Hill, Nr Warnford in Hampshire. Read more in our 'Top of the Crops 2001' section.
ADDED 15-MAY-2001:
Get your surveyor tape out, the 2001 season has started! But this time the season has kicked of in Germany with a rather fine six-fold flower design in rape. You can read all about it in our new 'Top of the Crops 2001' section.
ADDED 03-MAY-2001:
As you've probably noticed, we've finally got around to adding a search facility to the site, which can be found above this message. With the site currently consisting of over 230 pages and rising it's long overdue.
The crop circle season is once more upon us and the rape is flowering as I type. It will be interesting to see how this season pans out with the spectre of foot and mouth disease still looming large across the circles prone areas of Wiltshire, Hampshire and beyond.
ADDED 28-MARCH-2001:
Do The Dew is a page about our trip to Washington State at the end of last year. We were flown out to create a crop circle to be used in an advert for Mountain Dew, a high caffeine soft drink produced by Pepsi Inc.
Happy New Year to all our visitors. As per usual things are quite on the site during the Winter months as we concoct formations for the coming 2001 season! But we have been beavering away on a whole new sister site that is now finally nearing completion. I'll say no more and keep you in suspense for now until we're ready to soft launch in the first quarter of 2001, but if you want to be one of the first to find out about the project we recommend you join our mailing list.
Circlemakers John Lundberg and Rod Dickinson can be seen on BBC Choice during January on "Clive Anderson's Conspiracies". Described on the BBC Choice website as "Aliens: Mysterious lights in the sky, crop circles and abductions - what's the truth behind such strange phenomena? Government officials and hoaxers reveal the truth."
We we're flown to Bigfoot country in Washington State at the end of last year to create crop circle formation for Pepsi Inc to be used as the finale of one of their Mountain Dew soft drink commercial. The commercial will air this year in the US during the second series of the big brother clone survivor. We hope to have some images of the formation on the site in the near future.
Colin Bennett takes a sardonic look at our practice, in Recipe for a Universe which nods to Jorge Luis Borges and the situationists. Exploring the world of the circlemakers we think he doesn't believe a word we've said...
Meanwhile we have just finished installing a video piece in the Museum Of The Unknown. A temporary art space on London's South Bank, which is exhibiting artifacts and artworks curated around the propostion of the Unknown. The Museum is at:
The Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf
Bargehouse St, London SE1 9PH
The show runs until February 4th 2001. +44[0]20 7401 3166 for details.
Colin Andrews replies to our criticisms in our recent article Myth Men Read his reply in full - keep up with the debate.
Rod Dickinson takes Colin Andrews to task over his August statement stating that 20% of crop formations are not man made. Andrews has made numerous appearances in the media over the last six weeks. His recent statement outlines some of his arguments. In Myth Men the circlemakers question its veracity and thoroughness, also citing Freddy Silva's recent criticisms of a formation made by circlemakers Matthew Williams and Paul Damon.
We've updated the site with the woodborough hill formation, the finale of the crop circle season. This formation, near Atlon Barnes in Wiltshire was a stunning replica of a sunflower seed head composed of dozens of arcing fibonacci curves. At over 250ft in diameter it is one of the most complex formations ever to have been created.
Haxan Films the production company behind the movie "The Blair Witch Project" are doing a series for FOX TV about the paranormal called "In Search Of" and they want the public to choose the topics of the programmes. If you want to see crop circles covered in the series visit the "In Search Of" website and go to the "Episode Selection" page a choose crop circles as one of your four choices. Do it soon as voting ends on August 29th.
The Circlemakers are featured in the "Fortean Bureau of Investigation" section of the current issue of Fortean Times [ September 2000 ]. "Leaders in their Field" by Mark Pilkington is an interview with John Lundberg, Rod Dickinson, Wil Russell and Rob Irving about the why's and wherefores of circlemaking. You can also find an extended version of the interview on the Fortean Times website. You can link directly to the article here.
Well the circles are most definately back in the media spotlight this year. Wednesday marked the return of the circles to BBC TV national news, something which hasn't happened since the early nineties. Coverage that we are aware of has included BBC TV News, BBC News 24, BBC World, Radio 5, Radio 4, BBC Radio London Live, The World Service and numerous BBC regional radio stations including Scotland, Lancashire, Essex and Birmingham. Coverage in the newspapers has included The Independent, The Express, The Dail Mail and The Times. We've also been told that ABC TV News in Australia ran a bulletin.
Today (Friday 11th Aug) the documentary 'Digit' about the power of numbers is broadcast on Channel 4 at 7:30pm. It includes a contribution from circlemaker John Lundberg.
Colin Andrews new Rockerfeller funded research has sparked a volley of media attention today. There's a couple of articles on BBC online "Magnetic 'solution' to crop circle puzzle" which also includes a Real Video stream of th BBC News report and "Going round in circles". Also circlemaker John Lundberg was interview on Radio 5 Live this morning and Rod Dickinson was interviewed on the BBC Radio London Live breakfast show. John Lundberg should also feature alongside Colin Andrews in todays BBC TV lunchtime and evening news.
Assuming late breaking news doesn't get it rescheduled, there should be a feature about this years crop circles on the Channel 5 flagship news programme at six tomorrow [Tuesday 8th August]. The feature should air around 6:15pm and includes an interview with circlemaker John Lundberg.
Also this week there's another opportunity to see the documentary we made for NBC-TV. It's being broadcast on 'Sky One' this Wednesday [9th August] at 9:00pm. For more information see the "New Zealand's First" section on our website.
We've added another page of information and photos to the "Advanced Warning" section of this site about the formation we created for Channel 4 on the night of 5th August.
For the first time we are giving advance information about the design of a formation before we put it on the ground. The construction diagrams show the finished design and the geometric template embedded in the design.
We've updated the Top of the Crops' page, with two of the most extraordinary formations ever to appear.
The Moire formation has been creating excitement since it appeared on July 22. If you haven't seen it nothing will prepare you for this staggering piece of work.
We've updated the Top of the Crops' page, documenting the very best formations which have appeared this season.
In Media Con-struct Rod Dickinson reviews the flurry of media reports that have surrounded the grid formation which appeared at East Kennett, Wiltshire in July.
A crop circle formation has just appeared in Russia and the Russian media are going bananas... John Lundberg takes a more measured approach to the subject in his article "Russian to conclusions".
We've added two new formations to our 'Top of the Crops' page.
We've just heard that 'Virtual Me' the mini documentary featuring circlemaker John Lundberg that was broadcast on Channel 4 on 13th June, will be re-broadcast on July 4th as part of a compilation which will also include the MI5 whistleblower David Shayler. John Lundberg will also be filming a segment this week for another forthcoming Channel 4 documentary called 'Digit' which is about the power of numbers.
We're also participating in another BBC programme, but are unable to give out any specific details about the project at this moment in time. We'll give out more details as soon as we can.
The circle's season is now well underway with the second formation to appear in wheat in the familiar area between Avebury and Alton Barnes. We feature the best formations of the season on our 'Top of the Crops' page.
We finally have the broadcast date for the mini documentary about this site featuring circlemaker John Lundberg. The doc which was going to be called 'me.com' has been renamed 'virtual me' and will be broadcast on Tuesday June 13th at 7:55pm on Channel 4. The series also features MI5 whistleblower David Shayler talking about his website Shaylergate. Circlemakers.org will also be featured in an article about the 'virtual me' series in the Friday 16th edition of The Daily Mirror newspaper.
Our media spy's in America have just informed us about a recent five minute feature about circlemakers.org on the TV show 'Internet Tonight' which is part of the ZDTV network. Visit the ZDTV website for more info.
ADDED 22-MAY-00:
As this years season is now well underway we've started our 'Top of the Crops' gallery for 2000. We'll be showcasing the most ambitious, inovative and intersting formations of the year...
It's all lies...NEWS UPDATE 19-MAY-00:
Our friends at disinfo.com have been kind enough to give us a 'Subversive Site Award'. Thanks guys, a large brown envelope stuffed with greenbacks is on it's way to you as I type...
Circlemaker John Lundberg was out and about in Wiltshire yesterday [18th May] being filmed visiting the famed Barge Inn and East Field in Alton Barnes. He was talking about wheat flattening and this website for a BBC documentary about obsessions called 'Time Out' which is due to air in the UK in early July 2000, more info on schedules will be posted when we get it. The Channel 4 segment about the circlemakers website called 'me.com' which was filmed earlier this month is due for broadcast on the first or second week of June after the 7:00pm news.
Kent certainly seems like the place to be if you want to view decent formations this year. So far we've already had a threefold design in rape which has recently been followed by a celtic knot formation in Barley...
ADDED 11-MAY-00:
We've added a new section called 'Radio Four-mation' where you can hear circlemakers John Lundberg and Rod Dickinnson talking about wheat flattening on BBC Radio 4.
ADDED 06-MAY-00:
We've added 35 new pages to the site in the form of 'Great Moment's in Cerealogy' in which Rob Irving takes us on a photographic journey through the last decade of the crop circle phenomenon... The circlemakers would like to thank Andy Perkins who put this section together for us and in doing so has become an honorary circlemaker... Thanks Andy!
Circlemakers John Lundberg and Rod Dickinson were featured on the BBC Radio 4 programme 'Open Country' at 6.10am on Saturday 6 May. For those of you who missed it we'll be putting the entire interview online in the very near future.
eyewire formationNEWS UPDATE 26-APR-00:
If you're too lazy or scared to go out into the fields and roll your own circles this summer, maybe eyewire.com have the solution, they've produced a detailed guide to creating convincing crop circle images in photoshop (see right), who know's maybe the x-files art department read the very same article - see below.
The circlemakers are to be featured in a Channel 4 mini-documentary called me.com which will be screened after the seven o'clock news in a few weeks, we'll announce the transmission date once it's been confirmed.
ADDED 25-APR-00:
We've added the second part of our 'Every Silva Has a Cloudy Lining' article which now spans three pages and includes the construction diagrams we used to create the Dail Mail formation in 1999. It has been written in response to crop circle 'researcher' Freddy Silva's recent article 'The Anatomy of Deception' in which he attacks our work.
Well so far so good, another week and some more fresh content, as promised. It's now officially circles season with the arrival of this year's first crop circle in Oil Seed Rape at Danebury in Hampshire. But don't get too excited as the circlemakers behind this unambitious formation were out in the fields a little too early and the crop has virtually recovered rendering the formation invisible, check out the crop circle connector for a full report on this underwhelming event.
x_filesPopular culture continues to feed on the crop circle mystery with the latest incarnation appearing in a recent episode of the X-files screened in the US.
Here's the TV Guide review: "Scully finds herself on a spiritual journey after some seemingly chance encounters: she meets a hospitalized former teacher and a crop-circle researcher (Colleen Flynn) who's England-bound in search of a computer-predicted event."
Pictured right is the 'virtual' formation that appeared in the show... Thanks to Peter Sorensen for the photo and info.
ADDED 18-APR-00:
Ok... here's the plan, as of this week, we're intending to add new content to the site every single week... until we buckle under the pressure that is! So, this week's fresh content is 'Every Silva Has a Cloudy Lining' the first part of an article co-authored by Rod Dickinson and John Lundberg about crop circle 'researcher' Freddy Silva's recent article 'The Anatomy of Deception' in which he attacks our work.
ADDED 08-MAR-00:
Some very exciting things are in the pipeline for the circlemakers site, we can't say too much about what's going to happen right now but if you want to be one of the first to know you can join our new mailing list for the inside scoop.
This site was recently selected as a Hot Site by USA TODAY swelling our log files to 1000% of their usual size! We were also featured in the January edition of 'Yahoo Magazine' as one of their sites of the millennium.
As predicted their wasn't a spare seat in the house at Rod Dickinson's London talk about our circlemaking activities. We'll be putting a video stream of the talk up on the website in the near future.
ADDED 06-JAN-00:
Yes I know... it's been *ages* since we've updated the site... but I'll try to get some of the material waiting in the wings online soon. While we're on the subject of site updates if there are any budding circlemakers with web design skills out there that would like to help out with preparing material and general site maintenance let me [ John ] know.
ADDED 22-AUG-99:
We've managed to blag a copy of Lucy Pringle's forthcoming book 'The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times' which is due to be published in September by Harper Collins. Rod Dickinson does the honours in 'Moving in the Wrong Circles'.
We've finally moved the whole site over to the circlemaker.org server. Please update your bookmarks and any links you may have to the site.
ADDED 07-AUG-99:
Several new articles have been added. 'Star Struck' is a 22 page account of the formation we made for a mitsubishi 'space star' car advert last year. As promised 'McKenna in Conversation' is a dialogue about aliens, crop circles and artifice between Rod Dickinson and cult etho-botanist Terence McKenna. We've also added 'That's Impossible' a page about the 'impossible triangle' formation we recently made for the Daily Mail newspaper at Avebury, we'll be adding to this section in the near future. Now that the season is coming to a close we'll also be updating the Top of the Crops in the very near future.
ADDED 19-JUN-99:
The 'Top of the Crops' section has been updated with two new formations.
ADDED 18-JUN-99:
The 'Researcher in a Spin' page has been updated with a response from veteran crop circle researcher Colin Andrews and a reply from circlemaker John Lundberg.
ADDED 17-JUN-99:
We've added a world wide wierd" news page to the site so you can keep up to speed with the top twenty off kilter news stories from around the world that you're not likely to find on the bbc. The page is a news-feed so it's constantly updated...
ADDED 13-JUN-99:
We've added a second formation to our 'Top of the Crops' section.
ADDED 21-MAY-99:
This week has seen a flurry of media coverage generated by a press release from Colin Andrews about a donation of money for crop circle research provided by U.S. billionaire Laurance Rockefeller. In 'Researcher in a Spin' John Lundberg takes a more measured approach to the subject than some of the recent press articles.
We've now added the 1999 'Top of the Crops' section which features a recent formation in Oil Seed Rape that was discovered at Gravesend, Kent on 11 April.
ADDED 16-MAY-99:
It's that time of year again! The crop circle season is once more upon us and there are already 12 formations in Oilseed Rape scattered across the West Country. All the formations are pretty underwhelming and seem to either hark back to designs from the early 90's or make crass references to this years impending solar eclipse. As soon as something decent arrives we'll start the 99 'Top of the Crops' section where we'll showcase the most ambitious and original designs of the year.
We've added 'Ever Decreasing Circles' an article by Fortean Times contributing editor Mark Pilkington that takes a snapshot of last years crop circle scene centering around the Alton Barnes 'crop circle fun weekend'.
There's a huge backlog of material waiting to be put on the site including two new articles by Rob Irving and an interview with Terence McKenna by Rod Dickinson. We'll endeavour to get it online asap... see you in the fields!
Guardian site of the year We're very pleased to announce that The Guardian has out of the hundreds of sites it's featured over the year chosen the 'circlemakers' website as one of their ten 'Site's of the Year'... (!)
The BBC documentary we participated in earlier this year will be broadcast on BBC1 at 11:30am on Sunday January the 3rd... which should give you just enough time to recover from the new year excesses.
We've a slew of new material in preparation for the new year and will be adding it to the site between asap. We will be featuring material for Grant Wakefield who recently directed the documentary 'croppies', and we're also excited to announce that we will be adding content by 'Negativland' in the new year. Still in the pipeline is a whole new section dedicated to Doug Bower who can be credited with inventing 'circlemaking' in 1978, plus various articles by our regular contributers.
ADDED 18-SEP-98:
'Barge Inn Unannounced' is a new section about our eventful trip to the 'Barge Inn' in deepest darkest Wiltshire earlier this year...
ADDED 25-AUG-98:
New with this update John Lundberg looks back on the 1992 case of Hungary's 'crop circle kids' who were both prosecuted and awarded for making a crop circle in Szekesfehervar. We've also updated Top of the Crops 98.
ADDED 31-JUL-98:
Several new pages have been added. We've updated our Top of the Crops 98 page and have added a new section called Circlemaking with the Beeb which documents our recent involvement in a BBC-TV documentary.
ADDED 10-JUL-98:
We've added another formation to our Top of the Crops 98 page.
By some cosmic twist of fate the 'circlemakers' website has won a '1998 Yell UK Web Award' in the 'Best Personal Web Site' category. We received plenty of kudos and a rather nice pointy metal statue at the award's ceremony held at BAFTA in London on July 9th...
ADDED 01-JUL-98:
We've added two more formations to our Top of the Crops 98 page.
ADDED 23-JUN-98:
The Top of the Crops 98 page has been updated with a formation that recently appeared at Avebury Trusloe in Wiltshire.
We've also added fifteen new photos to the New Zealand's First pages documenting the filming of the recent NBC-TV documentary we participated in. The photos show the formation, the diagram, the equipment - both ours and NBC-TV's - and the circlemakers in 'Hollywood' mode!
ADDED 08-JUN-98:
We've added a new quote to our cite page.
ADDED 07-JUN-98:
We always appreciate hearing from the visitors to our site, so if you have any questions, suggestions or criticisms (as long as they're constructive) about us or our site you can now reach us through our recently added contact page. Or if you want your views to be public, use the testimony page.
ADDED 30-MAY-98:
We've updated the Top of the Crops 98 page with some excellent pole shots of the Silbury Hill formation from A J Samuels. We've also added a quicktime movie featuring some of the TV coverage this formation has received.
yell awardsThe 'circlemakers' website has made it through to the finals of this years 'UK Web Awards' run by 'yell!'. There were nearly 9000 nominations for sites! We're one of three finalists in the 'Best Personal Web Site' category. The winners will be announced on July 9th at BAFTA in central London... so keep everything crossed!
ADDED 19-MAY-98:
'Top of the Crops 98' is a new section where we showcase what we feel are the best of this years formations.
It's twenty years since Doug and Dave first ventures out into the fields of Hampshire to swirl their first crop circle. To celebrate we will be building an extensive new section focusing on Doug and Dave and their exploits. The section will be dedicated to Dave who died of cancer at the end of 1996 and will feature new material contributed by Doug as well as articles, interviews and archive material. We're planning to launch the section on July 31st 1998.
ADDED 17-APR-98:
You can now view and add links to other crop circle sites of interest with our connect pages.
ADDED 18-MAR-98:
We've added a page documenting our trip to New Zealand to make a crop formation on camera for NBC-TV.
ADDED 02-MAR-98:
Just a little addition... there's a new quote on our cite page.
ADDED 28-FEB-98:
3d circlemakers browser
We now have our very own browser! Matt Glubb's '3d circlemakers browser' will leave you with your jaw on the ground. It's a browser cum artwork that generates interactive 3d universes on the fly based on the links on a page. Have a play and explore the site from a completely different perspective... You'll need shockwave.
ADDED 24-FEB-98:
Welcome to the all new 'circlemakers' web-site. It's being re-launched to coincide with Rod Dickinson's "Half Lit World" exhibition at the Camerawork gallery in London. As well as a complete redesign we've added a slew of new material, and updated some of the existing stuff, take a look around... The content has now been broken down into several sections to ease navigation of the site.
Highlights include:
Folks who make art
Rod Dickinson argues that the circles along with the Roswell autopsy footage and many UFO photograps can be viewed as folk art that draws on the mythology of the trickster.
Art critic John Roberts' rigorous analysis of the work of Rod Dickinson, written to accompany the exhibition 'Half-Lit World' at Camerawork Gallery London.
Rob Irving's photo gallery "Great moments in Cerealogy" is still in production, but should be online soon...
We're off to New Zealand next week (March 2nd) to make a crop circle. We'll be taking out a digital camera and highlights of our trip will be presented on the 'circlemakers' at some point in the near future.
Summer approaches and the wheat beckons... see you in the fields!