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The French Job

After the success of out first olympic circlemaking sortie into Wiltshire for the UK newspaper The Sun which they ran on their front cover they asked us to make another more audatious trip to France to create a crop circle backing the London 2012 bid. In keeping with the daring nature of the project we managed to convince BMW to loan us 3 brand new red, white and blue Mini Coopers to travel over to France in ala the movie 'The Italian Job'. The Sun also had some red, white and blue jump suites made for us all to wear during the trip.
A crew of 6 circlemakers with a photographer and journalist from the newspaper set off from News International's HQ in Wapping on Friday evening and speeded down to Dover in the Mini's to catch the train over to Calais. On Satuday we got up at the crack and drove to Campigneulles les grandes where we'd managed to find a wheat field to create the formation in. It took around 7 hours to create and when we'd completed it we popped open the champaign The Sun had brought along. We were back in London before sunset. 2 days later, London won the bid to hold the olympics.
French Olympic Crop Circle
Above: The completed London 2012 crop circle complete with The Sun logo.
French Olympic Crew
Above: The crew pose for photos with the Mini Coopers at News International HQ before setting off for France.
French circle and village
Above: The 205ft London 2012 formation with a nearby village in shot.
Crew on Train to France
Above: some of the crew looking mean and moody on the train over to France.
Photo: The Sun, Mark Pilkington
Exhibit ANat Geo Formation