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Shredded Wheat

100% whole grain crop circle!
Circlemakers were asked to create a crop circle in the shape of the Shredded Wheat logo. No mean feat, as text has to be one of the most tricky elements to render accurately in crop. But armed with copious amounts of diagrams - eighteen in total - and a very early start 4 circlemakers were able to craft the standing Shredded Wheat logo inside a flattened heart shape in a back breaking 14 hours in a wheat field in Puckeridge, Hertfordshire. It was created on a farm that supplies Shredded Wheat with wheat that's used in the cereal. We think it was worth all the effort though, and we think you'll agree that it looks pretty amazing! There was a flurry of press coverage after we created the logo, but the real reason that we were asked to create the design was so that it can be used on the Shredded Wheat cereal packet in 2007, so keep your eyes peeled for it, we'll certainly have a box or three in our cupboard once it hits the shelves.
Below: Aerial view of the Shredded Wheat logo crop circle.
Shredded Wheat crop circle
Below: The silhouette diagram we were asked to reproduce.
Construction diagram
Photo: Steve Alexander
Exhibit ANat Geo Formation